10,000 acres attach the Lodge plus 10,000 more 'next door'. All ground is available to be walked over or stalked in season. Deer stalking has taken place on Affric ground for centuries. About 400 wild red deer populate the Affric ground and about 70 beasts are culled each year to help hold the Highland herd in balance and all by arrangement with The Deer Group.
The deer are warey and stalking them can be hard work more often than not. Afterwards, deer carcasses enter the food chain the same way as does most other food. Also, the Estate is home to Game Bird Shooting with provision for pheasants, partridges and ducks.
Riding ponies are to hand and a hack around the loch represents a delightful 10 mile ride.


  • Lodge

    The Lodge

    During the course of the past five years The Lodge and all of the Estate has been restored.
    Great care has been taken to retain provenance whilst equiping with the usual modern facilities. The Lodge has five principle bedrooms with a further three perfectly comfortable ones as well. Downstairs includes a whisky room, sitting room, dining and reading rooms. Walls of the latter are painted with highland scenes by Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873) celebrated artist of his day and whose bronze lions grace Trafalgar Square in London to this day.

  • Stable Cottage

    Stable Cottage...

    ...faces south and throughout the year and however chilly the weather might be outside, solar gain warms Stable Cottage and the Greenhouse which attaches it directly.
    It's possible to pick salad and set out lunch all in one space - and all so deliciously fresh. Stable Cottage has 3 suited bedrooms.



Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Picnics and 'a piece' for the hill all are included and with lovely wine and delicious whiskies and drinks of most kinds too. Help yourself... great food and wine is central to the Glen Affric experience.
Cuisine at Glen Affric is not corporate in any way. Rather you think of it, we discuss it - and then we go away and we do it. The results more often than not are sublime.
Hand-made Highland Craftwork
Affric produces limited numbers of hand-crafted lights, wooden bowls and with the speciality being the most beautifully made and hand painted walking sticks created by the celebrated Roy Caple, a selection of whose exquisite work is illustrated here. These sticks may last a lifetime and represent superb gifts to loved ones. Prices range between 150 - 400 pounds. Private commissions also are welcomed. The form for orders being to transmit a coloured photograph of the subject requested to and a reply and price quotation may be expected to be returned within the course of a couple or so working days. Thank you, we guarantee that you will love the work.

AFFRIC LODGE Cannich, by Beauly IV4 7NB

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